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The Dance Program at the Frost School of Music focuses on the integration of artistic inquiry with historical and theoretical knowledge of dance. Our courses provide a well-rounded dance education that recognizes the importance of embodied learning and appreciation of the role that dance, as an art from, plays in human culture and society.

The Dance Program welcomes students with diverse experiences in dance from beginner through advanced levels. Dance courses offer a well-rounded curriculum designed to broaden creative thinking and expression. Students may choose from a variety of classes in modern, ballet, and cultural dance techniques to further their mastery of movement and build performance skills. Other classes such as improvisation, composition, and dance history allow students to develop an understanding of the creative process by making dances. Dance pedagogy and dance therapy courses concentrate on the educational and therapeutic use of movement.

Dance Program classes are open to undergraduate students and fulfill an arts elective. For students who want an intensive study of dance, a 15-credit dance minor is offered. There is no dance major. Dance courses are also featured in some cognates in the Arts & Humanities Area of Knowledge.